Everything You Wanted To Know About Sugar Shacks!

Eastern Canada is known for many things, and if you are visiting here in spring time, you should consider spending a day at one of the best sugar shacks. Also called cabane à sucre in French, a sugar shack may seem an odd term to many people. In simplest words, a sugar shack is where the maple syrup is made from the sap of the maple tree. That happens during spring, and some of the best sugar shacks, such as Érablière, open their doors for guests. Sugar shacks are great for people who want to experience the country life, and the best part is the amazing gastronomical experience you can enjoy on each visit. Below are some more facts about sugar shacks!

A quick fact sheet about sugar shacks and maple syrup

Well, the maple tree needs the cold night weather and sunny days, before the sap can be taken out in spring, and only selected parts of the globe offers that kind of environment. Some of the best sugar shacks are located in Eastern Canada and northern New England. Quebec and Montreal are known for the sugar shacks, and in case you didn’t know, around 80% of pure maple syrup of the world comes from Canada. In fact, Quebec has the lion’s share in that production.

What to expect in terms of menu?

Most sugar shacks offer an incredible spread, depending on what you are looking for. Since most of these places are open only in spring, you can expect some of the traditional recipes that include maple syrup. This includes options like sugar pie, “Grand-père” in maple syrup, and the very famed – “Maple taffy on snow”. For those who don’t know, Maple taffy on snow is a special kind of celebration after the end of each meal, where the liquid maple syrup, which is warm, is poured on snow. As the syrup settles, you can roll it on a stick and enjoy a flavorsome popsicle. Other than that, you can have special homemade ham, crudités, pea soup, buns and more.

Plan your holidays in advance

Sugar shacks are usually booked in advance, and some even help guests in organizing special occasions. They can arrange for your stay, meals and everything else, but we recommend that you plan after finding the right option. Some of these places can accommodate as many as 500 people, and you can expect personalized catering service, as well.

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