Expanding Your Restaurant to Include Takeaway Service

As a restaurant owner, you may feel as if your business has reached its peak. Your restaurant is making a nice profit, but you can tell that you won’t increase that profit without adding a new service. One natural way of expanding your business is to add takeaway service. Some people don’t have the time to eat in a restaurant or prefer to eat in the comfort of their own homes without cooking. Takeaway provides the solution to both of those needs. Adding it to your offerings isn’t that difficult, but it does require some planning and careful work to easily add this service.

The Menu

Your first thought is probably to offer your entire menu for takeaway, and that may be possible. However, you may not necessarily be able to do that at first. Take a look at the different items you offer and consider which ones best lend themselves to takeaway. Most foods are easy to place in the same type of takeaway container, but some need special packaging. Hot soup and other liquids, for example, would require that you purchase an additional type of container. If you have desserts that include ice cream, there’s always the possibility that it will melt long before the person gets it home.


You will have to invest some money upfront in purchasing takeaway containers. Your menu will determine which of these disposable food packaging options you need. You may be able to get by with a basic rectangular container with lid, but you may need multiple sizes of this container. As mentioned, if you’re offering soups on your takeaway menu, you’ll need cups that can contain hot liquids. You may also need these cups for things such as gravy, macaroni and cheese, and other sides. If you’re going to be offering family-sized portions or takeaway catering options, you’ll need large trays and disposable cups or bowls to hold these larger amounts of food.

An Organisation System

When someone places a takeaway order, you’ll need some kind of system to make sure that the order is filled quickly and is ready when the person arrives to pick it up. Some takeaway may be ordered in advance, while other orders may be placed in person. The customer may wait for his or her food, so you need to have a seating area for him or her to do so. If food is ordered well in advance, you’ll need to have it scheduled. The cooks will have to know when to start that order.

Your kitchen will need to be a little more organised to handle takeaway. In fact, if the service becomes popular enough, you may need a dedicated chef who does nothing but prepare takeaway meals, especially during your peak hours.

A Takeaway Counter

When your takeaway customers come in, they shouldn’t have to wait at the entrance along with those seeking tables. Instead, there should be a clear area designated for takeaway orders. Some restaurants actually have a separate entrance for those who are picking up their meals, but that’s not always possible. Whatever your solution is, you should have signs that clearly indicate where your customers should go to request their takeaway meals.

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