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Four Tips to Make Great Home-made Soups

If you love soups, you don’t need to wait for the soup season to make yourself a few bowls. Making soups as often as you can allows you to learn some tricks that help you come up with great-tasting soups which feature new flavors at all times.

Read on to know some of the secrets to making delicious soups:

Use Just a Few Herbs

You may get carried away and sprinkle bits of herbs into your soup. While herbs may look good on the soup, they do not always blend nicely. Thus, it is best to keep things simple. When it comes to vegetable soups, consider the paprika and bay leaf combination. If you want to add fresh herbs, you may not want small bits of herbs floating in the soap. Stick the herbs in an herb sachet can help you avoid this.

Make your Own Broth

If you are just getting started with soups, this may sound uneasy. However, making your own broth can make a big difference in the overall flavor of your soup. If you still don’t have much idea about broth making, you can check out recipes online.

Be Aware of How Much Time It Takes to Cook the Veggies

While you can leave broth to simmer all day long, vegetable soups need to be cooked for a certain period of time, depending on the vegetable you use. Although nearly any veggies work in soup, how you cut them matters when it comes to how long to cook them.

Begin by sautéing garlic and onion in olive oil, then adding the rest of the ingredients to simmer for up to thirty minutes. Vegetables such as frozen peas, broccoli and kale are more delicate may have to simmer for fifteen minutes or so before you add the rest of the ingredients. In terms of soups, you don’t’ want a bowl that is full of mush.

Remember that Cream-Based Soups Don’t Have to be All Dairy

Sure, you may want to achieve the thickness your desire from a cream-based soup. However, you may way want to avoid the extra calories and fat from the cream. For this, you can use vegetable alternatives. Consider pureeing cooked celery root, and lentils. You may want to puree just half or a bit less than that. A great soup maker guide can help you achieve the creamy soup you’ve been looking to eat.

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