Pizzas worth a Try at the Best Pizzeria of Downtown Minneapolis!

Nothing calms down a person as a heavenly pizza does! And this one dish has evolved over time from being just a fancy item on the menu to being an absolute favourite amongst people at large. This is the reason why most of the restaurants today have a dedicated menu for pizza alone.

Finding the right pizza to suit your taste buds and truly be a delight isn’t as easy as it sounds. Most of the bars today try to uplift their Pizza game to drive in more customers. And if you are in for a wholesome treat for a variety of Pizzas, look up for best pizza in downtown Minneapolis to grab one!

Here are some popular varieties of Pizzas to find in Minneapolis.

Margherita Pizza

Start from the basics when you truly want to delve into the exclusive taste that Pizza has for you. This is a simple mix of the pizza dough, either gluten free or hand tossed, with a lot of cheese and pizza sauce to treat. There are basil leaves and pizza seasonings to bring out the flavours for you. Margherita Pizza is one of the most relished ones amongst the people who love simplicity and cheesy taste.

Minneapolis special pizza

This one truly stands out for the customers as it includes some specialities of Minneapolis topped on your pizza. One can choose on the size of pizza they want and the bread preference too. The Minneapolis pizza generally has the toppings like pepperoni, sausages, taco meat, jalapeno, onions and a blend of cheddar and mozzarella cheese. All of this topped with a unique sauce and some seasonings to give it just the right flavor.

Smoked BBQ Pizza

Smoked BBQ pizza is all about tossing the ingredients like peppers, cilantro, Canadian bacon, red onion, chicken BBQ sauce and a host of seasonings on a pizza base to bake it to perfection. The beauty of this pizza is that it is wood smoked and thus has that unique taste to treat your taste buds.

DIY Pizza

Here the customers are allowed to choose from a variety of pizza toppings, breads, sauce and cheese to go for their pizza. The pizza is customized as per the preference of the customers for them to enjoy what they like the most.

A pizza that suits your taste buds and truly is the perfect when it comes to bake and taste – who wouldn’t like that! Walk into downtown Minneapolis Pizza and bar houses to delve into the taste!

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