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Professionals Rate the Pizza Toppings from the Worst to the Best

This very subject has raised endless wars and debates. It has divided many nations, although we are still united for the love of pizza. This article lists the worst and the best pizza toppings from the perspective for the best pizza creators of the world. Read on for what they have to say. We begin with the worst and gradually ending up with the best.

  1. Pineapple

Pineapple is a poorly misunderstood fruit. It has unanimously scored the worst spot on the list because of its inherent wateriness properties messing the texture of the pizza and not forgetting the fact that this kind of style wasn’t available in Italy back in those times. Many people still prefer putting pineapples on the pizza, but most of us consider it a taboo.

  1. Ham

It has deemed a place above pineapple as it is the least popular meat of the bunch. Ham was way too thick and gummy to be deemed as a pizza topping.

  1. Tomatoes

No matter if they make an appearance on the pizza in the form of ketchup, but adding more tomatoes to the topping rendered it to this position on the lists. Tomatoes are way too watery and turn the top of the pizza into a type of a red mush. Tomatoes deserve to be in a ketchup or else it will make the pizza way too saturated with the moisture.

  1. Peppers: Green, red and yellow

Peppers would have ended up in a better place on the list if they were not so bland in taste. Experts believe that peppers only add a textural and a decorative element to a pizza when they are added in the topping. They can offer you a nice snappiness, but nothing more or less than that.

  1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a tie in the list. It has ended right in the middle of the list. The mushrooms tend to crisp up when heated to a nice and comfy earthiness, but they do not deserve to enjoy the glory of the better places in the list because of its high water content and the relative and consistent blandness with no kind of additions of onions or garlic. They taste better when added together in the topping of the pizza.

  1. Olives

Olives are deemed as a divisive topping. They are slyly salty or sometimes overwhelmingly chemical-y. When it comes to small and canned black olives, of course, with the delectable ferrous sulphate, olives lose its place in the better spots of the lists. But when they are replaced with briny and natural kalamata olives, it adds life to the pizza. The experts also recommend to ditch the can.

  1. Bacon

Although it is not a traditional pizza topping, bacon earns the second best spot as it is smoky and crunchy, and it is bacon! Bacon is the best meat to have on a pizza.

  1. Pepperoni

And pepperoni wins the race by its piquant tastes, it melts in your mouth like butter, the meaty charred bite of the heavenly taste. Experts end this debate by claiming pepperoni to be the best pizza topping ever.

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