Traditional Pot Pies – Types, Taste and More!

We feel that irresistible sensation in our mouth the moment we hear the word Pie isn’t it? Who doesn’t love eating a pie? When it’s cold outside, we all want to have comfort food. Pies make best meal during such times – something creamy, warm and easy to enjoy. Be it for dessert or a complete meal in itself, Pies top every American restaurant’s menu list.

When you are looking out for some easy to enjoy pie, the next option after a restaurant meal is a traditional pot pie. With countless options available, it is something that can easily make your taste buds happy. Traditional pot pies are easy to make and super delicious.

Here are a few of the easy and yet delicious pies for you:

  1. Chicken pie – We all love eating chicken and when it’s cold outside, chicken pie is best thing to eat. Yes, there are countless restaurants out there that serve delicious pies. However, if you are looking for pub pot pies in St Paul, then check out Sweet Pea’s Public House. They are the best option to choose when you are looking to enjoy some tasty chicken potpies.
  2. Beef pie – There is something really special about a steamy bowl of vegetables, beef and a warm crust. Beef pot pies are best when you are looking for a healthy ye tasty meal. They satisfy the heartier craving with warm and tender meat, and not to mention those tasty vegetables. The best part about beef pies is they are easy to cook and offer a little more intense and deeper taste than chicken pies.

  1. Vegan pies – It doesn’t matter if you are a vegan or not, a tasty vegetable pot pie can create brilliant flavors, something you will surely love in love with while making sure you are getting goodness of all veggies. There are many restaurants out there that serve yummy vegan pies. If you are looking to make one at home, then there are plenty of recipes out there on the Internet. Make sure to try one.

How to choose the best pot pie?

If we talk about the overall taste of pot pies, then there won’t be any person on this earth who would not like it. Yes, the question might be about the flavor. There would be few who would like chicken pies, a few who would like beef or vegan. Which flavor should you choose to eat totally depends on your taste buds. All these pies taste good and are loaded with nutrition.

The idea is to try it all and then choose the one that you liked the most. You can’t say that beef pies are bad or chicken pies are better than vegan ones unless you have tried all, isn’t it? So, go out and pamper your taste buds today with a yummy delicious pie – be it chicken, beef or vegan. If you are feeling lazy to go out then put on some good music, get into your kitchen, download some recipes and try it yourself.

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